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There are many ways to create a website for your business
The website can be created on your own by learning programming languages or hiring a developer or giving your project to Web Development companies. Let’s see……

Todays Agenda:

  • Do you want to create a website just by drag and drop(CMS)?
  • Do you want to create a website with the help of coding?
  • Hiring a Web Developer?
  • By give your project to Any Web Development Company?

Do you want to create a website just by drag and drop(CMS)?

You can choose this if your requirement is a simple website and if you have time with some amount of money
Then the following websites will help you

a) WordPress

Website Link:

b) Joomla

Website Link:

c) Magento

Website Link:

d) WIX

Website Link:

d) Drupal

Website Link:

Do you want to create a website with the help of coding?

You can choose this if your requirement is to build a complex website on your own and if you have more time with some amount of money then the following technologies will help you to do that one.

To Build a website on your own then you need to learn basic languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript for frontend development and PHP, MySQL for backend development

There are other languages/Technologies and frameworks which help you for developing advanced websites.

Other Technologies: Python, Laravel, Flask, CodeIgniter, jQuery, Bootstrap, Reactjs, Angular Js…

You can learn this language’s from resources like w3schools, udemy, Learn Code Online, and Coursera.


Hiring a Web Developer?

  • You can create your website by hiring a web developer, the developer will create the website will charge you $25-$50 dollars per hour.
  • Hiring a developer will cost you more than any other methods
  • You can hire a developer from websites like Upwork, Freelancer, and Virtual Employee.

By give your project to Any Web Development Company?

You can choose this if your requirement is complex and you don’t have time to develop on your own and you decided to invest money. The company will take care of your website from design to
Deployment of your website

There a lot of process goes on before the final product comes to your hand.

  • Requirement Analysis
  • Planning
  • Designing
  • Prototyping
  • Developing
  • Testing
  • Deployment
a) Requirement Analysis:

Requirement Analysis involves taking requirements from the client and analyzing what the client wants.

b) Planning :

Planning involves how to fulfill the requirements of the client
And what resources we need, which technology we need to use
And what’s the workflow to deploy the project within deadline.

c) Designing:

Designing involves the Design of the web interface, how the website should look to fulfill the functionalities of the website. Which font and which specific color is effectively suitable for a user-friendly website

d) Prototyping:
  • Prototyping Involves Blueprint to develop the website.
  • It will help the developer to build the User Experience website according to it
  • Prototyping also helps to confirm the client before going to the development phase about how the website looks like with its functionalities.
e) Developing:

Developing Involves creating the website, a development team will build the website.

f) Testing:

Testing Involves finding bugs or any issues in the website, if any issues found then issues will be resolved.

g) Deployment:

Deployment Involves if the Total project is done without any issues then the project will be handover to the client.

This is the total process when you give any project to the Web Development Company. Not only in web development but also the same process is done in App Development.

Some of the Web Development Companies are
Montreal, MentorMate, Capital Numbers, Experion Technologies, Netguru, CentrexLabs

If you want to develop the website using Content management system (CMS) Customization of the website is the issue, because the website is not only the frontend development but also backend development and you need to learn, plan, design, and develop on your own.

CMS is better for Simple websites such as Company Website, Blog etc…

If you want to develop the website by Hiring a developer or by giving a project to Web Development Company then Customization of the website and the way the website you want can be done
Such as E-commerce, Social media, Company Complex Projects etc…

If your requirements are as follows ?

  • Quality & Affordable and cost-effective Website
  • Effective User-friendly and User Experience Interface
  • Trustworthy & Reliable Company
  • Within Deadline the Project must be Handover to the client
  • Continuous Support

Then look at us we can satisfy your Requirements

BTAO Web Services (Business to think apply observe)

BTAO can also provide Features like a server for web hosting, a Domain Name for your company, website maintenance, Search engine optimization for your website, Google analytics such as Traffic analytics, and a secure connection by providing an SSL certificate

That’s all about different ways to create websites
Have a great day.

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